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Australia’s leading fertiliser manufacturing and custom blend suppliers
for agriculture, horticulture, sports, turf and civil.

Manufacturing Fertiliser
to meet your needs

With more than 25 years experience in fertiliser manufacturing and fertiliser custom blending, we understand the unique requirements and challenges within each industry of our clientele. Whether for agriculture, horticulture, sports, turf or civil industries, we can offer a comprehensive fertiliser service that is second to none. Our services include soil testing and analysis, fertiliser custom blending of soluble, powder, granular and liquid fertilisers, soil amendments and mineral trace elements, organic fertiliser processing, bulk bay storage, national and international logistics, toll manufacturing, screening services including reclaim and drying, and more.

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Agriculture and Horticulture

We offer custom blended fertilisers, as well as crop specific established blends we have developed.

turf fertilisers

Sports and Turf

We offer custom designed fertilisers and soil amendments for the turf and sports industries.

civil project fertilisers


We have extensive experience developing fertilisers and soil amendments for the civil field.

soil testing and analysis

Soil Testing and Analysis

Soil testing and analysis is the foundation of fertiliser custom blending.

bulk fertiliser custom blending

Fertiliser Custom Blending

Fertpro specialises in Fertiliser manufacturing and custom blending of powder, granular and liquid fertilisers.

mineral fertilisers

Minerals and Soil Amendments

Mineral trace elements are a key component in custom blending fertilisers.

fertiliser custom blending

Organic Certified Processing

Organic certified fertilisers and soil amendments are available, as well as organic certified processing.

fertiliser supplier

Logistics and Storage

Fertpro can assist clients with storage and dispatch of fertiliser nationally and internationally.

agriculture support services

Support for clients

Fertpro aims to provide any helpful support we can to every client, from agronomic advice to visitations.