Our manufacturing plant offers discreet, confidential labelling and design operations to eliminate middleman services so you and your clients can take advantage direct time and cost savings. With custom labelling throughout, including self-directed dispatch notices, effective relationship-building between you and your client. Ask us now about custom blends and custom labelling.

Custom Blends

Custom blends, developed to suit specific industry needs and soil types are uniquely developed to accommodate each client’s requirements. Fertpro, having experience in the fertliser manufacturing business for over 25 years are suppliers to Australia wide and export internationally. Fertpro can assist in value collaborations to meeting specialised and custom needs.


The many known agricultural benefits of correct soil fertilisation include: the promotion of growth and increased root development, increased tolerance to stress and better water retention. Combining soil assessments and crop study with production of custom blends can specifically promote these benefits and address problems.


Agronomic, advice, nutritional training and most importantly custom blending form a large component of our horticultural services. Talk to us with regard to the manufacture and supply of specific products that can be expertly blended for your clientele.

Turf Products

Significant experience providing turf products as well as long established affiliates with independent consultants means we can offer support in most areas Australia Wide. This together with a valued trust built with our clientele supports collaborative initiatives and mutually beneficial advice and services. Call and speak to us about any turf product or management needs.

Liquid Fertiliser

A liquid fertiliser with multiple nutrient balances can be customised to give deficient plant a boost. Liquid fertiliser custom blends can be created to suit varying specifications or to address recommendations following in field assessments and/or soil test results.