Water Soluble NPK Fertilisers

Fertigation is the technique of injecting water-soluble fertiliser at desired rates and using the irrigation water as the mechanism to transport the fertiliser to the crop. Flexibility allows for better nutrient management to optimise crop health and yields. It eliminates the guess work of applying traditional granulated fertilisers to crops with the hope of rainfall and when nutrient conversion may occur. The Pro-Tech range can be utilised for all annual crops (vegetables), tuber or rhizome crops (ginger, garlic etc) and monoculture crops (trees and vines).

The Key to an Effective Fertigation Program


 Soil Analysis

Soil testing determines what a fertiliser program can be based around. The knowledge of what level nutrients exist in the soils can allow for adjustment. Soil pH can also determine the availability of nutrients.


Water tests will determine if allowances need to made for high nutrient levels in the water source. High bicarbonate water levels will be aided by an acidifying fertiliser to reduce the pH of the water and help manage mineral build up in irrigation lines.

 Crop Demand

Individual crops have varying nutrient demands during the different growth phases. The producer can accurately develop a fertilizer program to meet these crop demands when applying nutrients via fertigation.

 Product Quality

The Pro-Tech range is made with the best quality raw materials to ensure that blockages do not occur due to deposits or insolubles forming in the irrigation lines. All the trace elements in the blends are chelated products that allow for high compatibility with other technologies.

Unique Blending Process

Some of the Fertpro range is based on a water-soluble acidic phosphorus source which is sodium and chloride free. The acidic nature of these products have significant advantages over other standard water-soluble products.

The advantages are:

  • This phosphorus source allows calcium to be blended successfully with phosphorus and provide a one-shot NPK product which contains good levels of Calcium.
  • The acidic nature of these products helps prevent clogging of irrigation lines by mineral deposits.
  • These products will reduce the pH of hard water when used directly with the water.
  • The acidification effect decreases P fixation in the rhizosphere and promotes better nutrient uptake.


Delivery of fertilisers via the fertigation system provides maximum efficiency of the nutrients applied as they are directed to the zone of the most intensive root activity.
Apply these products via fertigation/ irrigation water and rates are dependent on crop stage or crop nutrient demand.
Rates can be modified for local conditions and plant species. The best time to apply fertiliser is between dusk and dawn for peak nutrient utilisation by the plant, however applications during the day are not harmful in any way. Quantitative or Proportional methods of application are the most common. Quantitative is the method of fertiliser mixed with irrigation water using a bypass fertiliser tank system or similar and applied to a given area e.g 50kg/ha per week. This method is used predominantly for field fertigation.
The proportional method is a constant flow injection method working with a electrical conductivity measurement as the guide e.g. EC 1.5. This method is predominantly used in hydroponic production but can also be utilised for annual crop field production.

Our Water Soluble Fertilisers

Pro-Tech 21-2-1621.8 %2.2 %16.5 %0 %4.2 %0 %0.45 %0.01 %0.06 %0.002 %0.02 %0.001 %
Pro-Tech 14-2-2314.5 %2.1 %23.5 %0 %4.2 %0 %0.45 %0.01 %0.06 %0.002 %0.02 %0.001 %
Pro-Tech 7-3-327.5 %3.9 %32 %3.9 %0 %1.65 %0.45 %0.01 %0.06 %0.002 %0.02 %0.001 %
Pro-Tech 11-4-2511 %4.5 %25.7 %0 %4.2 %1.65 %0.45 %0.01 %0.06 %0.002 %0.02 %0.001 %
Pro-Tech 12-6-1712 %6.9 %17.20 %4.2 %1.160.45 %0.01 %0.06 %0.002 %0.02 %0.001 %
Pro-Tech 5-5-295.6 %5 %29.15.2 %0 %1.9 %0.45 %0.01 %0.06 %0.002 %0.02 %0.001 %
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