With winter planting around the corner, and the rains continuing to fall, now is the perfect time to take advantage of Fertpro’s highly sought after spreader blend.
Our signature spreader blend comes in at 50% the cost of conventional nitrogen based fertilisers used for spreading, and with the added benefit of high analysis npks inputs, as well as biologically activated macro and micro nutrients.
With the inclusion of soil amendments and minerals, this blend has the added advantage of reducing labour costs by allowing for single pass applications.
Spreader King™ is made up of 50% Urea and a combination of high analysis NPK inputs, including Microbial Phosphate, Pro-Gypsum, Pro-Dolomite, Pro-Lime, Carbon Mineral Te and traces of micro-nutrients.
During the manufacturing process it has been screened and reclaimed, with the end result being a product that can be evenly and easily applied.
Due to high demand of this product, loading times require 24 hours notice.
For more product information see the tech sheet  or to order call Fertpro on 07 3282 0761 for current pricing.