Carbon, Mineral and Trace Element Belt Spreader Blend

Our Carbon Mineral Te™ Belt Spreader Blend is made of natural minerals organically granulated and coated with a unique nutrient activator and soil catalyst. This unique balance of natural minerals ensures that the soils nutrient bank is complete for vibrant growth of crops. The added benefit of humic acid and a base of long chain organic acids not only give energy but nutrient holding capacity.

Best applied broadcast or direct drill, using horticultural spinner spreaders, belt spreaders or small walk behind applicators.

Typical Analysis

Potassium 0.040%
Sulphur 0.250%
Carbon 8.500%
Calcium 1.520%
Magnesium 1.650%
Copper 36mg/kg
Zinc 100mg/kg
Manganese 987mg/kg
Iron 60903mg/kg
Boron 7.3mg/kg
Molybdenum 0.7mg/kg
Cobalt 40mg/kg

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