Compost Fertiliser Belt Spreader Blend

Fertpro has developed its own compost fertiliser blend called Actevator Compost. It combines chicken manure and mineral trace elements, composted and organically granulated. This unique balance of natural minerals and manures sourced from the Earth and Bird Manure ensures that the soils nutrient bank is complete for vibrant growth of crops. The added benefit of the product being composted before the heated granulating process eliminates any problems of weed or disease.

Best applied broadcast or direct drill, using horticultural spinner spreaders, belt spreaders or small walk behind applicators.

Typical Analysis

Potassium 6.66%
Sulphur 5.33%
Carbon 12.20%
Calcium 13.50%
Magnesium 1.60%
Copper 72mg/kg
Zinc 230mg/kg
Manganese 477mg/kg
Iron 8863mg/kg
Boron 22mg/kg
Molybdenum 6mg/kg
Cobalt 6.7mg/kg

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