Kelp Fertiliser

Kelp fertiliser can be custom blended to meet the specific needs of clients. Our primary blend of Kelp fertiliser is Pro-Tech Kelp. Best applied directly into the soil at the seed zone or direct boom spray application, irrigation lines or horticultural spray applicators.

Pro-Tech Kelp Growth Key Points

  • Rebuilds tired and worn soils through remineralisation
  • Builds critical levels of many trace elements
  • Increases soil carbon levels for energy, water and nutrient holding capacity
  • Increases the ability for Plants & turf to resist pest and disease attack
  • Greater biological activity in the soil promotes availability of both target and other tied-up nutrients in the soil

Typical Analysis - w/v

Nitrogen 0.05 %
Phosphorus<0.01 %
Potassium3.35 %
Sulphur1.15 %
Carbon1.17 %
Calcium 0.02 %
Magnesium0.03 %
Copper2.2 mg/L
Zinc12 mg/L
Manganese42 mg/L
Iron<50 mg/L
Boron8.3 mg/L
Molybdenum3.1 mg/L
Cobalt0.3 mg/L
Silica<50 mg/L

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