Product Description

  • This phosphorus source allows calcium to be blended successfully with phosphorus and provide a one-shot NPK product which contains good levels of Calcium.
  • The acidic nature of these products helps prevent clogging of irrigation lines by mineral deposits.
  • These products will reduce the pH of hard water when used directly with the water.
  • The acidification effect decreases P fixation in the rhizosphere and promotes better nutrient uptake.

Typical Analysis

Nitrogen5.6 %
Phosphorus5.00 %
Potassium29.10 %
Sulphur5.2 %
Calcium0.0 %
Magnesium1.90 %
Iron.45 %
Zinc.01 %
Manganese.06 %
Copper.002 %
Boron.02 %
Molybdenum.001 %

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